The San Roque New Course

Get to know San Roque New Course

A golf club with history

Few golf courses in Spain have a history like The San Roque Club. San Roque is the former residence of the Domecq family and where you can find the majesty of The San Roque Club. It
is a location that boasts an idyllic landscape of 138 hectares, surrounded by rolling hills and cork oak forests, where a new concept in golf courses was developed, creating The New Course.

Some of the most important golf tournaments in the country have been organised in this corner of Andalusia. The first tournament held in 1993 on the Old Course was the final phase of the European Tour Qualifying. The years led San Roque to develop a new course under the name of New Course, which made its debut in 2006 by hosting the Spanish Open. Since then, the attraction of its 18 holes has remained an essential destination for golf lovers.

The fusion of two worlds: A great architect and legendary golfer

Golf course design, as with other areas of architecture, is all about attention to detail and care in the development of each fairway. Thus, two brilliant minds, brought together their experience and passion for golf to create The New Course in 2003.

The architects of such a feat were two great golfing personalities: Perry Dye, son of the legendary American architect Pete Dye, and the world- renowned Cantabrian golfer Severiano Ballesteros. Both developed this course using their experience after having visited several of
the best golf courses in the world, offering players breathtaking views hole after hole.

Undoubtedly a luxury for the senses that will make your stay at The San Roque Club a unique experience.

One of the best golf courses in Andalusia

Throughout the course, your golfing senses will be tested, challenging your skills as a player. You will have to evade a multitude of bunkers strategically placed along the course to increase
the difficulty as you approach the green, so we recommend you study the fairway well before each action.

It has long and narrow fairways such as hole 7, a challenging par 5 where, as you approach the green, you will find a beautiful lake and a large bunker to the left.

Of the whole course, it is the 10th hole that offers a spectacular view. It has a wide fairway it forces the player to control and anticipate the effect of the wind on the ball. A par 4 is undoubtedly entertaining and should not be underrated.

Although one of the biggest challenges could be hole 11, a unique par 5 that not only adds the difficulty of having bunkers along a narrow fairway, the same reduced width forces the player to calculate his swing with an eagle eye to avoid the trees that surround the fairway. With the added challenge of having a tree close to the green, players who have not controlled their
approach will have an interesting situation to overcome.

Undoubtedly the New Golf Course is a course where you can improve your game and learn more about this incredible sport we love. At The San Roque Club, you will enjoy with friends, colleagues and family. We are waiting for you with open arms, and get your green fee here to live an unforgettable experience.