LINDA FLETCHER - 4 July 2023

Hello again ladies,
I survived the week – just! It has been somewhat hectic, and the weather hasn’t helped. I think somebody turned the thermostat up on Thursday, as it was nearly 40 degrees by 4 pm and sooooo humid. The solar panels have definitely earned their investment as the air con was on all night! Thankfully, it cooled down a little for this weekend but Spanish fans were still needed on Saturday evening to cool us during cocktails.
Global warming is certainly getting a grip now, although the summer looks like it has finished in the UK, judging by Laura Davis and the players in their jumpers at the Belfry today.
On Tuesday, 13 ladies played, with some great, handicap reducing,
1st – Marie Claire Serroels – 41 points
2nd – Debbie Fisher – 41 points and her first birdie in 2 years on 16
3rd – Jules Hale – 39 points with 2 birdies on 7 and 12
Jules was particularly excited as she also received her first birdies.
Sorry Debbie you left before the photo shoot.


On Thursday, only 4 of us played as everyone was saving themselves for Friday. Nicky (vice-captain) and Rachel Wright took on myself and Christine Taylor for a match play.
Poor Nicky had to give 18 shots to Chris, 10 to Rachel and 8 to myself. Well, Chris & I went swiftly 4 down after 6 holes and felt that we would be beaten well and truly.
HOWEVER, the force was with us and after some brilliant play from Chris, we stood on the 11th tee all square. We all had such good fun and the keen competitiveness between Nicky and myself, enabled Chris and I to win on the 18th. Loved it!
And so Friday arrived, after much planning and quite a few sleepless nights. However, I have discovered, after some blood tests, that my vitamin D levels are very low (even in all this sun shine) and this can cause sleeplessness. Hopefully the supplements will remedy this as along with aches and pains, I was definitely feeling my age last week.
24 members and 3 guests played in my captain’s competition. It certainly looked like everyone enjoyed themselves and what a fantastic atmosphere we generated on the terrace, having moved all the furniture around to create our circle of friendship, beside the bar of course. Nicky & I, really enjoyed sitting back and watched you all play the 9th from our comfy settee, sipping cava.
Well played to you all with excellent scores in quite breezy conditions, which was
welcomed after the previous day’s scorcher.
1st – Rachel Wright – 45, yes 45 points – brilliant golf but no birdies!!
2nd – Marie Claire Serroels – 37 points
3rd – Maxi Strandberg-Glass – 36 points
Nearest the pins:
Hole 7 – Cornelia Busch
Hole 12 – Andrea Myers
Straightest drive hole 8– Anne Marie Lally
Longest drive hole 15 – Buayam Wilairat Shot of the day goes to Liz Desmond on her first shot of the day – landing in an ant’s nest in a cork tree.
Needless to say, she took a drop and has been reported to the APCA (Association of Prevention of Cruelty to Ants) although I am led to believe that she will make a large contribution to this much loved charity! 

Other prizes were given to Renee Williams for best guest (38 pts – handicap cut!!) and Hannelore Heck for winning the putting competition, which went to a playoff between herself, Noelle, Maxi and Wilairat.


The men played in David’s day on Saturday and Gary Ward won with 41 points. A special mention to junior, David Lally who had an eagle and an albatross on 17 (the first on our newly renovated course).
We had a wonderful evening on Saturday starting with cocktails by Ishmal , in keeping with the black and white theme of the evening. Black margaritas, black velvets, white passions and white velvets went down really well – fantastically presented with dry ice for effect. However, my attempt at helium balloons was a bit deflating (literally); they looked so good in the afternoon – thank you Andrea for your help. The music and singing from Patricia Roe was perfect and I was even seen dancing with our president -He is quite a mover!!! A big thank you to all the staff at San Roque – they were brilliant all weekend.  


Looking Ahead for beginning July...
Ladies out from 9.30 after men


Adios for now, Linda x 

•Course Information from Ben:

Please see below for this week.
•Bentgrass will be sprayed on both Tuesday and Wednesday, one application will be wetting agent and then the other fertilizer and health products
•Weed in the mulch will be sprayed all week, an increase in water with the warmer temps has seen
these all start to pop up.
•Weeds around bunkers and hard to reach areas will also continue this week
•A good proportion of the team’s time this week will be spent on the new course trying to tidy that up before next week when the old course closes for maintenance. Particularly rough and surrounds of the bunkers.