LINDA FLETCHER - 17 April 2023

Buenas Dias Ladies,
We have had a fantastic week’s weather here in San Roque and with very little wind. 
However, today it is much windier and cooler again but still with plenty of sunshine for the sun worshippers. I have had visitors all week so feel slightly jaded but happy with my first week as captain.
Many people have now returned home after the Easter holidays, so it is much quieter in the village but certainly not on the golf course! The men had to play two divisions on Saturday in the ranking with over 50 men playing. However, before that I will go through my first official week (just 51 to go!).
On Tuesday, a select few played the Ladies competition, mainly due to being over golfed at the week-end and a match on Wednesday. The results were:
1st: Susie Lilley 34 pts
2nd: Heidi Kuhnert 33 pts
3rd: Helen Seamer 32 pts
Ruth Bailey had the honour of placing the first birdie on our new birdie tree as she birdied the 16th. Well done, Ruth!
On Wednesday, 10 ladies represented the club in an interclub at La Reserva. What a wonderful course and the hosts truly welcomed us. We had a fabulous lunch and look forward to the return this Wednesday when we need to improve on our 9-6 defeat.


For the World Series on Thursday, the results were all very good reflecting the lack of wind. It was lovely to see Sally Tierney, Delphine Flynn, Fiona Lappin and Ginette Bumpstead, playing as they are not here that often. Remember to tell Tracey if you wish a round to count for the monthly WS but please tell her before the round, otherwise it cannot count.
1st: Deborah Richards – 39 pts , birdie on hole 6.
2nd: Svetlana Friedl – 38 pts, birdies on holes 3 and 16.
3rd: Susie Lilley – 35 pts
Well played to all the ladies. 


As I mentioned earlier, the turn out for the ranking on Saturday was excellent with 21 ladies and 52 men. Tee times were such that a few 4 balls were necessary, which was not ideal, but us ladies were not a problem. However, it seemed like the men were out there for hours! It is hard if a 4 ball follows a 3 ball, just do your best to not let the gap widen too much.
It was great to see Agi Savitz back out after a long lay off with back problems. She did not disappoint. The holiday in Thailand obviously paid dividends. Keep up the exercises and physio Agi, but don’t over do it!
1st: Agi Savitz – 39 pts , birdies on holes 14 and 16.
2nd: Helen Seamer – 37 pts, birdies on holes 12 and 15.
3rd: Yvonne Chu – 36 pts
4th: Irene Baltus – 35 pts


A special mention to Sarah Cronin – well played on Saturday, with 35 points but lost on handicap. She has been unable to play over Easter as she took a nasty fall when walking down from the 5
th to 6 th hole across the mulch. A broken nose, bruising and a very sore toe, were the result, so please take care ladies when not taking the path. I know we want to keep up the pace of play and this is an easy short cut, but it is very dangerous!
Other birdies on Saturday were from Liz Desmond on 7, Liz Griffiths on 12, Sarah Cronin on 12, and Debbie Richards on 12. I will run out of Birdies at this rate – well done ladies!!
It was decided by Amanda Stanford, David Tyler and myself to award an additional point in the monthly ranking this year. So, if you do not come in the top 18, you do get one point for playing.
A reminder that the cut off for signing up or for cancellations is by 4pm now; either on the App or by emailing to As captains we try to mix up the groupings each week so that we all get to play with each other. But if you have a special request or guest, we do try to accommodate, but it is not always possible.

From 1st May, the next eclectic will run for 6 months until the end of October. 

This year, a maximum of 10 cards are needed in the six months. Put ‘eclectic’ and date on top of the card and hand in to the pro shop or you can WhatsApp or email a photo of the card to me or Nicky Triay. You must sign up and pay 10-euro entry to the pro shop before your initial round when all 18 holes must be completed. Each subsequent round, you must play all 18 holes and not just the ones that you can improve on. I have decided that you can submit cards from extra day rounds as well as from normal stableford competitions; but you must play with, and card marked and signed by a lady member.

This should help those that are not resident and that can only come for short periods of time. The intention to play an eclectic round must be declared before you start play.


Looking Ahead for the rest of April and start of May...

Tuesday 18 April: Midweek Competition –
Wednesday 19 April: Ladies Interclub v La Reserva (Home)
Thursday 20 April: Midweek Competition – Stableford (Mixed) – with an extra surprise prize!
Sunday 23 April: Monthly Medal off 56 stones
Tuesday 25 April: Midweek Competition – Stableford
Thursday 27 April: Midweek Competition – Stableford
Saturday 29 April: Three Club Challenge (any 3 clubs including a putter)
Tuesday 2 May: Midweek Competition – Stableford off 56 tee of the day
Thursday 4 May: Midweek Competition – Stableford off 56 tee of the day
Saturday 6 May : Day 1 Ladies club championships – Strokeplay from 56 stones
Sunday 7 May : Day 2 Ladies club championships – Strokeplay from 56 stones
On Sunday, I ventured to Estepona market with family, which I always enjoy. We heard from one of the stall holders that it may be moving from end of June so watch this space.
I had heard a rumour that maybe moving to the old bull ring there, who knows, we will see.
Please be aware that the rule to take a 2 shot penalty by dropping where out of bounds is not a local rule here. You must play a provisional if you think you may be out of bounds or go back to last place of hitting the ball if you did not take a provisional. I will raise this again with HCC as it would help the pace of play.
Wherever you are, whatever the weather, whoever you are with – Happy Golfing.
Your Capitana Linda xx 

Course Information from Ben:

• Tees will be top dressed and aerated with an 8mm tine on Monday
• Fairways will be sprayed with foliar feed on Tuesday.
• Greens and ante greens will be topdressed and aerated with an 8mm solid tine on Wednesday
• All bent grass will be sprayed on Thursday – this will be a penetrative wetting agent with a nematode product.
• Bunker levels will continue to be checked this week, sand was added into the bunker on 3 (RHS) and the 5th greenside will receive more today. These are improving although with the movement of sand and the introduction of new sand some might appear a little softer in places.
• Other general works will continue this week, 4 and 17 will targets for the turfing around the edges, the addition of new mulch will also continue.