Well, with a sense of relief, I’ve reached the end of my year as Capitana of the SRC.
In Tuesday’s Roll up, Erna Van Den Steen came third with 36 points with Heidi Kuhnert in second spot with 37 points. Irene Baltus was our winner with 38 points.
Thursdays roll up saw Jules Hale in third place with 36 points followed by Judith Lamb in second place with 37 points. Amanda Stanford won with an excellent score of 41 points. Well done to all.
On Saturday we had a flag competition which was a great success.
In third place was Keith Vince on +1.
In second place was Stuart Buckwald on par.
In first place was Tony Holt also on par.
Yesterday, Sunday, we had the Seve Trophy. The Captains’ team played very well to secure an overall tie. However, the trophy was retained by the Ranking team as they were the holders from last year.
This week, we’ll have a normal roll up on Tuesday and the Capains farewell competition on Thursday.

From Ben

  • Greens will be topdressed and aerated with an 8mm tine on Monday this week. We are suffering from hydrophobicity caused by the thick organic matter layer, we need to keep this open as much as possible until we get to May and are able to start in dealing with this issue.
  • The driving range tee will receive a light topdress on Tuesday Morning.
  • Greens and tees will be sprayed on Wednesday this week.
  • With it forecast to be a quieter week on the course we will get our focus back on replacing the areas damaged via the chemical wash. These areas will be considered G.U.R (ground under repair) as the works are being completed. we will aim to compete holes 9 and 3 this week.
    We did seed areas on several greens last week also which you will start to see germinate towards the end of this week.

The team also started to complete some path tie in works to allow for a smoother transition from mulch to path.
As this is my final newsletter, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for your kindness, cooperation and understanding during the year.