LINDA FLETCHER - 11 April 2023

Hello Ladies,
Welcome to the first newsletter of my captaincy. A slightly new format that is easier to create, anything to save time! I cannot wait to meet with you all and I hope to play with as many of you as possible over the coming year.

A big thank you for all the hard work that Tina put into last year. Your generous donations allowed us to get her a new Titleist golf bag, a Spider putter, a suede golf handbag, a suede tee purse, a diffuser and a gilet. A well-earned rest is needed, and I hope she enjoys her time in Cornwall and Ireland next month with Michael.

Some 121 members and guests played on Saturday which was a phenomenal turn out.
Most of them witnessed a very poor drive from yours truly, but I blame the cava that Steven supplied on the tee. Nicky Triay and Duncan Quigley, our new vices, did a fantastic job in selling the squares and the winning guesses were from Noel Smith for David (in the bunker) and Paul Charles for my very short drive. Over £800 was raised for the charities that we are continuing with – Centro Contigo and AECC (Cancer research).
The Easter Prize Draw raised another 1,500 euros for the Charities. David and I were delighted to be able to double the prizes this year to 19 in total and run a second page of the Draw Sheet. The 19 winners were: Tim and Pip Vincent, Andrea Myers, Caroline Rogers, Russ Williams (2), Paul Williams, Susie and Nigel Lilley, Maxi, Richard Carter, Kay Tyler, Derek Whelan, Andrew Macauley, Gary Potts, Paul Holliday, Yolanda, Roger Griffiths and Monchi Triay.

Thank you to everyone who supported both these charity fundraising events.
The Annual Match Play Competitions started from the beginning of April and the draw sheets are on the locker room noticeboard as well as on the Facebook page.

We played an AMAM competition on Saturday and the first five teams were:

1st: Tony Holt, Mandy Holt, Hugh Richards, Debbie Richards 101 points
2nd: Maxim and Dmitrii Elchaninov, Tanya and Yury Pogiba 94 points (on handicap)
3rd: Iain and Denise Moodie, Phil and Debbie Fisher 94 points
4th: Dan Cronin, Anne Middlehurst, Patrick O’Sullivan and Dan Bannister 93 points
5th: Iqbal Dharamsi, Yvonne Chu, Monchi Triay and Maite Caetano
Nearest the Pin (Men) on 7th: Hugh Richards
Nearest the Pin (Ladies) on 12th: Leni Van Berlo
Straightest Drive (Ladies) on 8th: Jules Hale
Straightest Drive (Men) on 15th: Gary Potts
My prayers were certainly answered with fantastic weather so that we were able to eat outside on Saturday evening. This made it extra special. Weren’t we lucky with the drop in wind and temperatures in the high 20s. I do hope all, that were able to attend, enjoyed the food and entertainment.
On easter Monday, we played a texas scramble with 73 entrants. Prizes were Easter eggs and wine. because of the size of field, the winners will also receive some money back on their levy as we did not expect so many to play especially after such a busy few days.

1st Team: Tony Flanagan, Phil Fisher, Debbie Fisher, Ruth Bailey 50.35
2nd: Jeremy Sibbons, Neil McDougall, Euan McDougall, Susan McDougall 51.9
3rd: Hugh Richards, Andy Stanford, Debbie Richards, Chris Hutchin 53.65
4th: Andy and Caroline Rogers, Derek and Tracey Rogers 54.85
5th: Paul Holliday, Paul Cambridge, Sharon Andersson, Russ Williams 55.25
6th: Tony and Marie Maycock, Christine and Eric Taylor 55.65
7th: Brian Samuels, Paul Weigall, Andrew Lewis, James Lewis. 55.7
8th: Svetlana and Joachim Friedl, Lix Kynoch, Nicky Triay 55.95


I also gave some chocolate bunnies to the proshop staff, Ramon and Alicia as they did a sterling job over the long weekend.
In addition to the Wine and Easter Eggs as prizes, there will be some additional levy amounts to follow for the top three prize winning groups.
The new team shirts are now in the pro shop and ready for collection. Fatima has your name on them, if you ordered any, and there are some spares for those that missed the deadline.
David has painted a birdie tree for us ladies, on which we will hang our birdy markers on the mid-week competitions, medals and rankings. This will live on a new notice board in the ladies changing room, when it arrives! Meanwhile it is in the anti room which I hope to use more.
Please take a look at the gallery of photos on the website members area, they are truly excellent.


Looking Ahead for the month of April ...

Tuesday 11 April (today): Midweek Competition – Stableford
Wednesday 12 April: Ladies Interclub v La Reserva (Away)
Thursday 13 April: Midweek Competition – Stableford (also World Series Day)
Saturday 15 April: Ranking
Tuesday 18 April: Midweek Competition – Stableford
Wednesday 19 April: Ladies Interclub v La Reserva (Home)
Thursday 20 April: Midweek Competition – Stableford (Mixed)
Sunday 23 April: Monthly Medal
Tuesday 25 April: Midweek Competition – Stableford
Thursday 27 April: Midweek Competition – Stableford
Saturday 29 April: Three Club Challenge
As I said on Saturday, it is a privilege to be your new Lady Captain and I look forward to working with our fantastic San Roque staff, especially Alicia, Ramon and our president Steven.
That’s all for now as I have some much-needed sleep to catch up on before tomorrows match!
Hope to see you soon in San Roque and happy golfing.
Your Capitana Linda xx 


Course Information from Ben:

• Greens and ante greens will be sprayed on Monday

• All bermuda grass will be sprayed Tuesday – Thursday, this will require some water after to move into the turf canopy

• Granular fertiliser will be put on greens on Thursday next week, this will be to push health and recovery as we move through the next 6 weeks prior to the renovation works to ensure the plant is in improved health so we can tackle the 1st stage of the aggressive cultural works needed.

• Turfing and plugging will continue all week around the edges of the antegreen, areas on 3,9,13 and 18 were completed this week. we will target, 4,5,7 and 8 this week.

• Soil and nematode tests will be collected during next week and sent off for nematode counts, nutritional information and organic matter testing and depths.

• The team will also continue spreading new mulch in to improve these areas.

• The team have started to check sand levels and move them around this week, holes 1,3,5,7,13 and 14 were checked and sand levels adjusted, this is just in the greenside bunkers. We will get around the rest of them next week.