Men ́s captain weekly news

In the build up to our ‘Farewell’ and the ‘Drive In’ events, the competitions are coming thick and fast. All with glorious weather and great company.
The Guinness seems to go down rather well, as well.

Finals Day Sat 25 & Mon 27 – 

Congratulations to all those that reached the Finals. I hope you all felt special and enjoyed the day. Thanks to Tina, Linda and Gary for refereeing.
Thanks to Ramon for all the work in the background.
A big thank you to all those that came along and supported the players.
Champion of Champions Congratulations to Phil Fisher and Tina Ducker on winning the relevant events.

My Mantra:-
Pitch marks, Please repair 4 or 5 on every green.
Divots, try and use 4 or 5 sand hoppers every round. Worse case 1 per nine.
Pace of Play – please keep up with the group in front. If you can’t, let the group behind through.

Men ́s captain weekly news


Wed 22 – Interclub V Hermitage (Home) Won 5 – 1 

Men ́s captain weekly news

Fri 24 – ACL V Atalaya (Away) Lost 14 – 4

Tue 21 – Midweek Stableford Comp (60 Tee)

1st = 37 – David Steele
2nd = 36 – Chris Harris
3rd = 35 – David MacGregor
Nearest Pin (12th) = Eduardo Gallagher (Chose 14th)
2’s Club – Phil Fisher x 2, David MacGregor

Men ́s captain weekly news

Thu 23 – Midweek Mixed Stableford
Comp (tee 60)
1st = 42 – Rachel Wright
2nd = 38– Phil Fisher
3rd = 38 – Matt Charlesworth
Nearest Pin (14th) = Simon Fothergill (Chose 5th)

2’s Club – Ian Wright x 2, Phil Fisher
Best Gross = Phil Fisher (74)

Men ́s captain weekly news

Finals Day Sat 25/Mon 27

Mens Singles winner = David Tyler -19th

Men ́s captain weekly news

Ladies Singles winner = Maxi Glas – 1up

Men ́s captain weekly news

Mens Pairs winners = Jeremy Sibbons & Tony Holt – 4&2

Men ́s captain weekly news

Ladies Pairs winners = Anne Middlehurst & Rachel Wright – 4&2

Men ́s captain weekly news

Mixed Foursomes winners = Mandi & Tony Holt

Men ́s captain weekly news
Men ́s captain weekly news

Sun 26 – Champion of Champions (tee 63)
1st = 74 – Phil Fisher (play off, 1st extra hole)
2nd = 74– Michael Keane
3rd = 75 – Pete Yeoman

Sun 26 – NON C of C 9 hole Comp (tee 56 & 63)
1st = 33 – Judith Lamb
2nd = 35 – Deb Fisher
3rd = 36 – Sabine Hochschorner

Men ́s captain weekly news

Upcoming fixtures in Mar/Apr

Tue 28 – Midweek Stableford Comp (tee 60)
Thur 30 – Midweek Stableford Comp (tee 60)
Fri 31 – ACL V Atalaya (Home)
Sat 01 Apr – Flag Comp (Mixed) Comp (tee 60 & 49)
Sun 02 Apr – Seve Trophy (27 holes)
Tue 4 – Midweek Stableford Comp (tee 60)
Thur 6 – Captains Farewell Day (Vegas Scramble)
Sat 8 – Captains ‘Drive In’ (AM-AM)
Mon 10 – Easter Monday Texas Scramble (Capt picks)
Tue 11 – Midweek Stableford Comp
Thur 13 – Midweek Stableford Comp 

Course work Info from Ben.

– Greens and Ante greens will be sprayed today.
– All old course tees will have a granular fertilizer today, this will help push the recovery of the tees.
– We are waiting on a sand delivery today, if this comes, we will go ahead with the scheduled top-dress on greens and antes followed by 8mm solid tine, if the sand isn’t able to come today, we may push till next week.

– Tuesday morning the practice tee will receive a topdress.
– All fairways will be sprayed on Wednesday with fertilizer.
– The turfing works around the edges of the greens will continue this week, areas on 6,10 and 16 were done last week. this week we will be focusing on 1 and 9 with seeding works being completed on the worst areas on 17 and 13. I would prefer to seed given the extended encroachment into the playing surfaces. We will attempt to start getting around the bunkers, you will have noticed them getting a bit harder in places and this is generally around the additional irrigation with the lack of rain and warmer temps.