DAVID TYLER - 1 May 2023

We have reached May already. This means Ladies Club Championships next weekend.
I’m sure that those of you who are here will wish to turn out to support this first Board Competition of the new season.
Much warmer weather recently with glorious sunshine! This is why we play golf in Spain. We also had some very breezy conditions, particularly on Saturday, which made the Three Club Competition rather challenging.
An eagle 2 on Hole 6 last Tuesday by Paul Charles deserves special mention!


Tuesday 25 April: Midweek Competition – Stableford

First: Derek Whelan (38 points)
Second: Theo Quick (38 points; on handicap)
Third: Stuart Buckwald (38 points; on handicap)
Fourth: Jim Jenet (37 points)
Fifth: Chris Harris (37 points; on handicap)
Nearest the Pin in 2 on Hole 8: Thomas Ybarra Gallagher
Twos: David MacGregor, Keith Vince, Paul Charles
Best Gross: David MacGregor (75)


A great round of golf on Tuesday by junior, Eduardo Ybarra Gallagher, with 43 points, which I witnessed at first hand as I was marking his card. Well played Eduardo!

Thursday 27 April: Midweek Competition – Stableford

First: Keith Vince 39 points
Second: Chris Hutchin 39 points (on handicap)
Third: Jon Barber 38 points
Fourth: Gary Ward 37 points
Twos: Keith Vince (2)
Nearest the Pin in 2 on Hole 10: Theo Quick
Best Gross: Keith Vince (72)


Saturday 29 April: Three Club Challenge (Stableford)

The strong gusting cross winds were definitely a feature on a warm day with lots of leaves blowing across fairways and greens. It was not easy conditions and the scoring generally reflected this. To take a putter or not; that was the question? Most of those featuring at the top of the leaderboard opted for a flat stick as did the majority of the field. Well done to those who scored 30 points or more…

First: Andy Stanford (33 points; on handicap)
Second: Malene Bjorlow (33 points)
Third: Marie Claire Serroels (32 points; on handicap)
Fourth: Brian Arnott (32 points)
Fifth: Hugh Richards (31 points; on handicap)
Best Gross Scores: Andy Stanford; John Hunter
Nearest the Pin in 2 on Hole 11: Yury Pogiba
Twos: None; Tissue: Monchie Triay


Sunday 30 May: Driving Range Competition

A very good turn out for this fun event on the driving range with music, food, drink and some fantastic ice cream. The Precision accuracy challenge was quite interesting in the left to right cross wind. Special thanks to Bella Macdonald of Belado Real Fruit Ice Cream who sponsored the competition. There were 3 parts to the golfing element and the results were as follows:

Precision Challenge (Men):
1. Josh Hunter (2,363 points)
2. John Hunter (2,083 points)
Precision Challenge (Ladies):
1. Svetlana Friedl (1,799 points)
2. Judith Lamb (1,587 points)
Longest Drive (Men):
1. J. Argenta (293 metres)
2. Josh Hunter (281 metres)
Longest Drive (Ladies):
1. Liz Wason (184 metres)
2. Svetlana Friedl (167 metres)
Nearest the Pin on Hole 11, St Andrews Old Course:
David Tyler (2.3 metres)
A massive thank you to Ramón for a great idea and the organizing of this fun evening! 


Course Information from Ben:

Old Course: The weed spray in the mulch will be finished Tuesday, the big weeds and other areas that cant be sprayed will be dealt with manually removed to get back on top of this. The fairways will be sprayed with fertilizer on Wednesday. The greens and ante greens will be aerated with an 8mm tine on Wednesday; there will be no sand this week given we are only two week away from the closure and heavy topdressing.
Turfing and plugging works will continue, must of the greens and ante greens have been completed now and our focus will shift to tees, most notably on Holes 10,12 and 14. All bent grass will be sprayed on Thursday this week. All bunkers will be edged.

Thought for the week:

As I said on my Drive In Day, my wish is to mix things up a bit, particularly for Tuesdays and Thursdays, so we all get to play with a greater range of different people. From the start of May, I have decided to ration the number of requests to play with particular people. So starting this week there will be a maximum of 5 such requests. When you’ve had your 5, that’s it. Not everyone will like this, but I have found that over the last six months there is considerable repetition and regularity with such requests. I am looking to change this, so please support me on this endeavour if you believe it is the right course of action. With a total of 520 Members there may be some pressure on tee time slots in busy months, so if we are full up, I will operate a reserve list to cover any late cancellations. During the summer months you must register to play by 4pm. Once the
Start List has been published no adjustments will be made unless there has been an error or a cancellation which can be filled from the Reserve List. No late entries will be accepted.

Looking Ahead to the next 3 Weeks...

Tuesday 2 May: Midweek Competition – Stableford (63 Tees) MEN FIRST IN MAY
Wednesday 3 May: Men’s Inter Club Match v R C Sevilla (Away)
Thursday 4 May: Midweek Competition – Stableford (63 Tees)
Friday 5 May: Men’s ACL v R C Sotogrande (Away)
Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 May: Ladies Club Championships
Tuesday 9 May: Midweek Competition – Stableford
Wednesday 10 May: Men’s Inter Club v West Hill GC (Home; 32 players per Team!)
Thursday 11 May: Midweek Competition – Stableford (World Series)
Saturday 13 May: Ranking
Sunday 15 May to Friday 19 May: Men’s Tour of Ireland (5 Inter Club Matches:
Druid’s Glen, The K Club; Woodenbridge, Portmarnock, Hermitage
Tuesday 16 May: Midweek Competition – Stableford NEW COURSE
Thursday 18 May: Midweek Competition – Stableford NEW COURSE
Sunday 21 May: Extra Federated Competition – Stableford NEW COURSE
Please note: The Old Course is closed from Monday 15 May to Monday 22 May inclusive.