DAVID TYLER - 15 May 2023

Last week started with the defending champion being dumped out of the Men’s Singles in the first round on the 20th hole. Well played Noel! A great match with very good scoring! I hope you have brought your best form to Ireland. See you in the bar later!
Another two highlights were the visit of 32 players from West Hill GC (one of the finest courses in Surrey in my opinion) on Wednesday and the touring party of Past Captains from Damme Golf and Country Club in Belgium who played on Saturday, led by Joost Blanckaert. A big thank you to Ray Joy and Steven Handley for their help in entertaining these weekend visitors.
The weather in Ireland is looking promising and the SRC Team of 16 is looking forward to doing battle both on and off the pitch! We have some fine golf courses to play and I’m sure we will be royally entertained by Druid’s Glen, The K Club, Woodenbridge, Portmarnock and Hermitage Golf Club. There is a slight twist with Druid’s Glen as it is going to be 18 v 18 today.


Tuesday 9 May: Midweek Competition – Stableford (Back on the 60 Tees)

First: Stuart Burrell (41 points)
Second: Russ Williams (40 points) 
Third: Seamus Desmond (38 points) 
Fourth: Neville Kutner (38 points, on handicap) 
Eduardo Ybarra Gallagher and Mark Squire: also 38 points
Nearest the Pin on Hole 16: David MacGregor
Twos: None
Best Gross: Javier Ybarra Gallagher (+6); Stuart Burrell (+7) 


Wednesday 10 May: Men’s Inter Club v West Hill GC (Home Match; 32 players per Team!)

This was a great event and everyone enjoyed the day. Well done to Duncan for getting 32 players together. A very good result too, with the Captain and Gonzalo being the only San Roque pairing to get beaten. The overall margin of victory was impressive:
San Roque: 40 points; West Hill: 8 points.
Thank you to Vice for fulfilling the captaincy duties on the day with great aplomb and humour. The two presentations, the commemorative trophy and framed poster, were very fitting. We look forward to further Inter Club matches with West Hill, although it will be a case of working out where this can be fitted into the 2024 calendar (perhaps along with a return match at the Centurion Club?); over to Duncan on this one ….


Thursday 11 May: Midweek Competition – Stableford (World Series)

First: Russ Williams (39 points)
Second: Jan Sallnas (38 points)
Third: Bill Fletcher (37 points)
Fourth: Derek Whelan (37 points, on handicap)
Nearest the Pin in 2 on Hole 4: Javier Ybarra Gallagher
Best Gross: Paul Holliday
Thank you to Duncan and Gary this week for their help deputising whilst the Captain was away in meetings. 


Saturday 13 May: Ranking

We had a good field playing so this meant that tee times were mostly in fourballs. Pace of Play was fine, although the start was delayed by 20 minutes due to heavy rain. Under the revised rules all 32 players participating were allocated 1 ranking point. normal.

First: Jorg Kuhnert (45 points; on Back Nine)
Second: Peter Myers (45 points)
Third: Paul Cambridge (41 points)
Fourth: Duncan Quigley (40 points; on handicap)
Fifth: Terry Young (40 points)
Sixth: Matt Charlesworth (39 points; on handicap)
Seventh: Jan Sallnas (39 points)
Eighth: Francis Payne (38 points)
Ninth: Bill Fletcher (37 points; on handicap)
Tenth: Theo Quick (37 points)
Eleventh: David MacGregor (36 points; on handicap)
Twelfth: Joachim Friedl (36 points; on handicap)
Andrew Macauley and Norman Savitz also had 36 points.
Best Gross: David MacGregor (+3)
Twos: Joachim Friedl
Nearest the Pin: Not used because of Juniors playing at 7.30am and rain affected start.
Tissue: Paul Tallentire (27 points; on playing handicap)


On Saturday we also welcomed a number of Past Captains from Damme Golf & Country Club in Belgium, led by Joost Blanckaert. It was good to meet you all and share a late Spanish lunch with you in the new Members area. Conversations ranged from our experiences of Bruges, Brussels and Antwerp to our thoughts on different golf course the world over. We hope you enjoy Benalup today. Thank you to Ray Joy and Steven Handley for playing with our visitors and your help in hosting our visitors at the meal afterwards.

Course Information from Ben:

Old Course: Greens and ante greens will be scarified in 2 directions with ante greens receiving an extra pass for the additional organic matter accumulation in these areas due to the differing construction specifications. This will be followed by a large 16mm hollow tine. These works will see almost double the organic removal that was achieved last year. Target removal of 12.8% of the surface area. This period, and July’s closure and the works at the end of August are critical to start to bring these levels back under control.
We completed a LOI (loss of ignition) OM test recently and our surfaces in the top 20mm are between 4-5% on greens and the desired range is 1-2% for creeping bent grass of the highest standard. Tees and ante greens are higher again. The aggressiveness of these works is critical and recovery timings will be 14 to 21 days so please keep this in mind.
Tees will be more aggressive than greens and ante greens as these have higher OM levels again.
Bermuda works will be split into fairways and rough this year with fairways receiving more OM removal works than roughs. Scarification hollow tining will be completed across all Bermuda, but at differing levels.
The team will also be removing sand on some of the problematic bunkers, checking the drains, cleaning and adding new sand. Most notably: Hole 4 green side bunker, Hole 16 front green side bunker and Hole 17 fairway bunker.
The weather forecast is looking a little questionable through Wednesday to Friday with potential rain, but the maintenance team will be working all hours to achieve the required works. Please keep in mind last year’s closure was 14 days so the golf course will be much sandier when it re-opens compared to last year.

Thought for the week:

Have fun with your golf, whether it’s in Ireland, on the New Course at San Roque, or elsewhere in Europe or the UK.

Looking Ahead to the next 3 Weeks...

Sunday 15 May to Friday 19 May: Men’s Tour of Ireland (5 Inter Club Matches:
Druid’s Glen, The K Club; Woodenbridge, Portmarnock, Hermitage)
Tuesday 16 May: Midweek Competition – Stableford NEW COURSE
Thursday 18 May: Midweek Competition – Stableford NEW COURSE
Sunday 21 May: Extra Federated Competition – Stableford NEW COURSE
Tuesday 23 May: Midweek Competition – Stableford
Thursday 25 May: Midweek Competition – Stableford
Saturday 27 May: Members Scramble (Mixed) Captains Pick Teams; NO EXCEPTIONS
Saturday 28 May: Monthly Medal (63 Tees)
Tuesday 30 May: Midweek Competition – Stableford
Thursday 1 June: Midweek Competition – Stableford
Saturday 3 June: Yellowball Competition (not federated)
Tuesday 6 June: Midweek Competition – Stableford
Thursday 8 June: Midweek Competition – Stableford
Saturday 10 June: Yellowball Competition (not federated)
Sunday 11 June: Extra Federated Competition  

Fund Raising for the Special Olympics Gibraltar Golf Team:

Mark Emery has now challenged us to get up to 3,000 euros in the campaign to help these 4 players. So far we have now raised an impressive 2,265 euros to help them in Germany in June. Thank you to everyone who has contributed! The money will be given to the Team in a special presentation on the afternoon of Saturday 27 May ahead of the Texas Scramble results.
Happy Golfing and Swing it well !