Present: Stephen Dundas (SD), David Tyler (DT), Linda Fletcher (LF), Andy Stanford (AS) Gary

Ward (GW), Duncan Quigley (DQ), Nicky Triay (NT), Alicia Riquelme (AR).

Absent: Debbie Richards


1) Agree last meetings minutes:
AS says there are some omissions on point 16, such as his comment why bother creating a
new committee when there is nothing for extra points to do. If extra things could be found
for past captains committee to do, then it would be sensible to form another committee.
Other than that, Minutes are agreed.
2) Publishing of minutes
AS suggests minutes should be sent to the commission first for approval. Commission must
approve them within a maximum of 7 days of having received them. After approval, minutes
will be loaded in the private website members area. Agreed
3) Suites and New Course update
Last Friday, SD got a call from the town hall asking him for a meeting to discuss about the New
Course. The meeting mainly was for him to confirm that the club is still interested in having the
New Course. Also, they asked SD what the club is doing if we are successful in the bid. The
meeting was also to let us know that there are two other parties interested. SD thinks that if
they have to do what originally the Town Hall wanted, then it becomes a 25-million euros
project in something it is not going to be their property.
AS asks what conditions they are asking us… SD explains they have not come up yet with the
criteria which is expected to happen by end of this month. If all remains the same as discussed
in a meeting some months ago, they want the new course to be a standard business like La
They want a clubhouse with some accommodation on top, a driving range, renovation, a
machinery store… in our case, we already have all these facilities… we would only have to do
the renovation.
So, nothing has really changed other than they are telling us they are going to announce
relatively soon the process. We are entered that process under a different company as we are
not allowed to enter as Asahi Kanko. But this is fine, no problem at all.
So, we will see how successful we are. 

About the Suites, he has personally seen two or three rooms and they look quite nice and with
great space. They still say they are going to open by middle of September with all their
facilities including the restaurant.
SD meets with them once a week and Josue twice or more per week. They are saying they will
open first week of September for family and friends of the owners to do like a soft opening
and then on 17th September it is the official opening.
DQ asks if members will be allowed again to use their swimming pool, however SD confirms
we have been told this facility will be for only hotel residents. But there will be discounted
room rates for members, they are also planning to sponsor some members events and so on.
The club has already started a good relationship with them since they have rented the space
behind the 8th tee, also until their reception is ready, they are going to use a little area, we are
going to be their restaurant and their electricity supplier also. We are also now in the process
to agree golf packages and so on.
4) Old Course Maintenance
AS says he included this point in the agenda just before SD sent an email informing the
membership about reducing the amount of works in the upcoming old course closure next
SD is sure everyone will agree that, even it did take time to recover, the old course now looks
in very good conditions. Today SD has had a meeting with the new superintendent talking
already about next year. He has some new ideas how to do the maintenance. However, for
him to take any decision, he needs first to see the course, study what is underneath, do some
technical analysis and so on. As additional information, SD explains that we send around 10
times per year some stuff to be tested, so that anything done on the course has been
previously chemically tested. So, decisions are based in many discussions, including with our
official consultants, Turfgrass. Through all this proving, questions, and lots of discussions we
come to an agreement that July maintenance works will be less aggressive. Decisions are taken
thinking in what is best for everyone…
Borja is taking about a new machinery that it goes across the green and inject air, so it creates
the hole and at the same time puts the sand in the hole. Now we go with a big machine to do
the holes, then another machine puts the sand. So, there is a machine that can do everything
in once and it is not pulling anything out. This is what Borja has been doing the last couple of
years in his course. SD has played this course recently and the greens were nice and firm,
putting smooth by doing maintenance works once per year.
Next year, we most likely will do only one big renovation but longer period, instead of doing
two or three smaller ones. The intention is to have 4 weeks of disruption next year as opposed
to the 8 weeks this year.
DQ asks if it was a water issue that old course took more time than expected to recover… SD
explains that it was a fertilizer issue due to the fact we were let down by our supplier and we
ended up at last minute to have to get something different. What there is underneath is also
another issue… organic matter was at 4% when it should be between 2.5& to 3%… it does not
sound a lot, but this is crucial for the nutrients to penetrate in the surface and also not to get
flooded when raining. SD mentioned that one of the reasons the organic matter was at 4% was
because of what happened when we first opened the course.
SD was advised by Turfgrass (Our consultants) to top dress and solid tine the greens the first
summer we opened but SD wanted the members to enjoy the course as it had been closed for
over 1 year. Not doing that work has had a negative effect on the greens.

The maintenance scheduled this month will be a much lesser and soft works. Nothing will be
taken out of the green… it will be a small tine. It is expected that greens will be in good shape
in two weeks’ time once works are finished.
5) Captain Book: Produced and updated by Captains/Past Captains as a guide or a
AS comments that previous captain Paul changed the ceremony of the overall prizes to 2 days
early; the current Captain David has changed the points for the ranking. So, he thinks this type
of changes should go through some sort of committee and be approved or not. AS says he has
been approached by some Past Captains asking what was happening and what was the point
of the captain’s book.
AS explains that this book was produced for the members to run themselves and so that each
new Captains when they come in, they can have all this information about role, competitions
and so on.
AS feels the way should be done is to first present any change or new idea to any committee
or to the commission and not randomly done.
SD thinks that the idea of producing this book is a great initiative and provides a guideline, but
it does not mean that things in this book is till end of time as we all know golf evolves… SD
agrees it would be necessary to have some discussion if a new captain or lady captain wishes
to change or add something new.
AS agrees that all evolves, and this is why this book can be updated if a change is done and
added. But all he says is that new things must be processed and formalized. DT agrees and asks
that if a decision must be taken and there is not enough time to get all the commission in a
room to discuss, if members of the commission can sign off by email
comision@sanroqueclub.com. All agree when matter goes against deadline.
DT thinks it would be good that former and current captains have an electronic version of the
captain’s book so that research can be done easily. The book itself is more part of the
ceremonial handover. SD confirms there is no problem at all, and an electronic version will be
produced and sent.
6) Perpetual Trophies update
LF informs that the only perpetual trophy we still do not have is the Ladies Singles Matchplay
(which we will not need it till march next year, so there is time to get it). Both hcp and scratch
ladies’ championship trophies are done, and bases are being engraved with all the winners ́
names as per records.
DT informs that he with LF, SD and AR are looking at some samples and that they should be
done by end of July.
7) Juniors Policy
DT explains that the background of this point is that around 20 male members asked us to
have a juniors policy, DT says he drafted a policy, AR typed it and SD checked it and thought it
was correct.
DT thinks this is a good sample of process… these are the type of things need to be emailed to
the commission to formalize.

DT explains this is a 12-point document as a protocol where he just wanted to clarify certain
matters about juniors playing midweek competitions such as what prizes they can win or not,
monetary fees, and so on. Juniors are defined until 21 years old. Now if they win the nearest to
the pin, they are given golf balls instead of a bottle of wine. Also, it is included that junior girls
may play with ladies but in mixed competitions, they need to present the club advance
SD says we will send the document to discuss it and get it formalized.
8) AOB
DT says that Point 10 of last minutes looks confusing. AR explains that the title of that point is
taken from the agenda sent previously to that meeting. Timing for 3balls in medal and
stableford competitions are correct, as per the minutes dated 30th March.
DQ asks if this pace of play timing is also applicable in board competitions. LF says last time
commission said no, that board competitions would not be subject to pace of play rules. DT
says that there are some members who would like to have the board competitions to be
policed. AS does not agree and thinks board competitions should not be penalized. What can
be good thing is to encourage players on the 1st tee to keep up with the group in front. This is
agreed by all.
DT would like to point that those who walk in the summer heat (at least 30 minutes difference
compared with those players in buggies) should give some consideration to those players
behind if they drop one or two holes and let them play through.
GW have some points which he reports as follows:
– In May, we had 66 Federation licenses suspended that people did not renew… we have
recovered 15 out of these 66. GW got from AR what the rules is in terms of the banks
you can use, IBAN and BIC numbers and so on because they don’t take any more credit
cards or non-EU banks. AS tells his experience this year… he has had the same bank
details for many years however Federation did not take his money, but they gave him
some alternatives to pay, and one was to insert credit card details through their link.
AS paid by credit card and there were no problems.
GW ́s concern is that some people are not aware, and this is an issue when playing
competitions. The club is checking and trying to help, GW sent an email informing
members about this issue, but this is the responsibility of each one to check if their
licenses are active.
GW has created his own list and will check again the situation by end of July.
– GolfDirecto: GW asks if everybody is happy with this system. SD answers we had a
meeting with them some days ago to express our discontent and to have severe
conversations with them. A list of things that we require from them was sent. They
have replied saying what they can do for each of the listed things.
DQ asks if GolfDirecto could provide us with terminals at the proshop; that way,
everyone could register their own scoring rather than someone spending an hour
putting in the cards.
After some discussion about other products in the market and so on, LF says that the
problem is that signal is very often lost on the course. LF explains that in most of UK
clubs, you come into the reception or changing room where you can find a terminal

where to record your own scoring. The danger here is to allow everyone to access to
all the information in the computer at the main entrance. SD thinks this is not a
problem and as an option, we could ask each group to enter their scoring in that
computer. SD asks DT percentage of members who give the cards and people who do
it by themselves through the APP. SD suggests that there should be one person putting
the scoring, but the person needs to be there and read the scores out for this person.
This would also mean saving time trying to read the numbers.
AS thinks that trying to keep happy those members that at the moment would not be
happy to have to record their own scoring in the system, first thing is that the
computer is in a wrong location. Second there is not saving time, as person in charge
would have to wait for each group to come in instead of recording all of them in one
go after everyone has finished their rounds.
LF insists that no iPad or computers but a proper terminal or touch screen just for
entering the scores of the competition.
As conclusion, SD says we will ask GolfDirecto if they can provide us with a terminal for
entering scoring. AS thinks best location would be just outside the proshop. All agree.
SD thinks there will still be some issues but happy to try and find the best way for this
scoring process. AS says it is just to make things easier and accessible, especially for
those members who complain about it, and show them how easy and quick can be.
DT reports that the APP shows in the bookings and starting list the time difference of one hour
depending on if you are located in UK or Spain. AR explains she has asked them to change it…
APP is done, bookings are showed at Spanish time whatever your location is, however
GolfDirecto is still working to change this. It will take more time as this product is standard for
any client and they are making this change just only for us.
GW suggests it would be good to have the results available on the website. SD says there is no
problem but statistically we have checked it is only an 8% of the membership using SRC
website. In any case SD fully agrees that this is another platform to provide information to the
members who can choose to use it or not, but the club can provide it as well.
DQ reports that results of some past competitions are blocked and not visible. AR will check it.
DT did a spreadsheet of ACL matches which is about costs, payments, and son on… DT asks if this should be sent to the commission. AR thinks this is an internal document for the club ́s own organization and decision to change it if needed as it is related to pricing too.
9) Date for next meeting: Tuesday 3rd October 2023 at 3.30pm


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