Present: Stephen Dundas (SD), Chris Hutchin (CH), Irene Baltus (IB), Paul Holliday (PH), Tina Ducker (TD), Jon Hale (JH), Frank O´Hara (FOH), Liz Griffiths (LG), David MacGregor (DM), Joost Blanckaert (JB) & Alicia Riquelme (AR).

Remotely through video call: Frank Murray (FM) & Anne Middlehurst (AM)


From the President:

1. Presentation of App.

2. Russia / Ukraine situation

3. Update on Suites/ TJ and New Course

4. Bunkers

From Vice Captains:

-Parking space rules. Transferable to others? If so, only after charity donation?

-Club championships Halfway drinks, food


From the President:

2. Russia / Ukraine Situation

SD gives priority to point 2 on the agenda of the day to clarify that SRC is owned by a Spanish company called Thorncroft. It used to be managed by a Russian company called Golf Estate, however this has finished, this company does not run this club anymore and there is no more affiliation with any Russian company.

How does this situation affect the business? SD confirms that everything is fine. All the plans of the club go forward, in fact, we could even say that we are even more determined to go ahead and meet the objectives. The Club has sent the money to the bank to start the process of buying the hotel, a delegation of architects and professionals visited us last week to study the renovation works on the hotel, John Clarkin is here to analyse the improvement works on the New Course, etc. The only thing which affects us is the comments and associations people are doing.

SD confirms that the club is not going to do any statement. This commission can act as spokesperson and spread the voice that the plans of the club are and will be the same. SD can understand people may be concerned about future, but the club will act independently and detached from any political, economic, religious, or whatever situation. This is just a golf club.

DM thinks it would be convenient for the club to make a statement, not anti-Russian, but in favour of Ukraine since everyone knows about our connection with Russia and that note would be welcome. SD confirms once again that the club is not going to get involved in anything external, so no statement will be done. IB fully disagrees with DM and agrees with the club´s position. No doubt SD confirms that each one is free to act as they wish. So, in conclusion: The club will not make any statement, the commission should share all this info

3. Update on Suites / TJ / New Course:

The offer has been accepted, the money has been sent and financial matters are now being managed. A delegation of specialists in hotel reforms recently visited us to start working on the project. IB asks how many rooms there will be and if it will maintain the same current structure/style. SD answers there will be between 80/100 rooms and yes, same structure but with some modifications. In two weeks’, time, the cleaning of all the accumulated weeds around the suites will start to be done.

LG asks about the dates of work and completion of hotel works. SD informs that the plans are to start during the first quarter of 2023 to be able to finish 18 months later.

It all depends on the hotel to know what is going to be done in TJ House.

Next Thursday there will be a meeting with the Town Hall to keep negotiating about the New Course. Everything depends on the negotiations by the Town Hall so that works on the course can start. We should receive confirmation of the agreement in August so that works could start in October.

4. Bunkers

Although the bunkers are not perfect, there has been a huge improvement in recent weeks. Our team has been and is continuously working on them, but it is important to remember that they are bunkers whose conditions change frequently according to weather conditions, which is not controllable. There are players who prefer more sand, others prefer less sand, there are many different opinions. But what is important is that the team will continue working to have good bunkers.

1-Presentation of the App.

A few weeks ago, the app was presented to CH and IB. Several annotations and requests for changes were made to the App supplier, which they are working on. Today it is presented again to the members of the commission to receive and share more comments about it.

JM explains that this App is being used by many other golf clubs. It is taking more time as we are asking to the IT team to adapt it as much as possible to SRC needs. They are trying to do their best, but it is important to understand that a 100% will not be possible.

Main aspects are fine, only is that there are still some minor things to change such as terminology, translation issues…

JM explains the steps and functionality of the App. Later, it´s detected that some actions are not available:

  • Members need to choose which course they wish to book
  • Members need to be able to change the booking if needed.
  • It is advisable to stablish a limit of round bookings per member
  • App must require the names of the guests as per the email the club is sending to the membership where we explain that names of the guests are required.
  • If there is a 2 ball and 2 other members join them on the same tee time, system should send an email to those who booked first for their knowledge.
  • If possible, calendar should be available at the App (only informative purpose)
  • HCC need to be able to check digital cards. JM explains that now they can see the scoring total but not scores by holes. Hopefully in two weeks´ time, we may get the permission from the Spanish Golf Federation and then we will test it again.

It is agreed that tournaments should be available at the App two weeks before for members to put down their names.

Regarding the live scoring, this will be available, it only needs to be tested.

The target of this App is to reduce the load of work at the proshop as well as to do things more efficiently.

Currently, what we can do through the App is:

  • Bookings
  • See tournaments info
  • Recharge levy
  • Customize your profile

In any case, the club will make an announcement with clear instructions. Possibilities to send a tutorial video.

From Vice Captains:

  1. Parking space rules: It is firmly confirmed that the parking spaces allocated to the winners of the championship club are not transferable, so it will not be accepted that people other than the winners use them. even donations will not be accepted. they are privileged spots. At the moment, we are going to let the ball go, but as soon as this competition is played this year, this rule will come into force.
  1. Club championships Halfway drinks, food…: Captains will continue providing the drinks and food at halfway unless there is a sponsor interested (which must also be approved by the club).

Votes for Calendar:

84 members sent their votes and results have been:

67 accepted

15 rejected

2 neutral

DM asks why a vote has been requested to the membership about the changes in the calendar. SD explains that this is how it is stipulated in the captain’s book and to guarantee Paul and Tina a start of captaincy without any controversies.

About the Members Book, SD will review it first and will send it to the commission later for final ratification. LG thinks that there should be equality in the terminology and change all the references to Men’s Captain and Ladies’ Captain.

FM unfortunately announces his resignation to keep being part of the commission. Due to his duties as President of Hermitage GC will make it difficult to fulfil his roles in both clubs so he is reluctantly giving up his position on The Commission. SD thanks FM for his valuable work and commitment.

This is the last meeting for DM and LG. SD highly appreciate and thank them for their massive work throughout all this time and going through hard times of the pandemic. Their commitment has been incredible.





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